Eight Annoying Things Photographers Do That Harm the Industry

Let’s face it, photographers can be really annoying people. While some of their actions are just mildly tiresome, other things they do are downright harmful to our profession. Are you guilty of any of these wrongdoings?
Having worked for over a decade in the industry, I have crossed paths with many a photographer in my time. I started my career shooting in-house for a large commercial studio and then moved into the world of freelance. During my many incarnations, I have worked alongside a lot of different photographers, and not all those encounters have been positive. They say the world is a small place, and I find the photography industry to be even smaller. It’s for this reason that negative experiences surrounding photographers travel like wildfire ,and the reputation of our profession seems to erode away with every bad story, anecdote, or piece of gossip that comes out. Even when a photographer’s actions are more annoying than serious, I still regularly find myself rolling my eyes at how some of us “professionals” act.

In no particular order, here are eight annoying things that photographers do that I believe are harming the industry.v